Over delicious cheese and fine wine, I listened to the stories of an old friend who came back from an extended journey in Central America.

He enthusiastically described the beauty of the lush nature, the excursions to the magical “water holes” on the Yucatan Peninsula, the sites of the Maya and the enchanting days snorkeling at the coral reef in Belize.

“But you know,” he started, and the sun-tanned smile gave way to dark seriousness: “despite the rich resources that exist there: It’s horrible. Everything is littered. On the tour to the waterholes we cycled through garbage for days. Garbage everywhere as far as the eye can see. And crime. Over 30,000 unsolved murders a year. In our country, 386. So I really wonder, what’s the point of going out on the streets with Fridays for Future? And to implement sustainable energy concepts for the region? This is hopeless. What makes sense anymore?”

Yeah, what makes any sense anymore?

There are questions that do not require an immediate answer. They need time to sink. Sink to a depth that can provide insights other than superficial argumentation or the instinctive repression of disturbing news.

What makes sense? Closing our eyes even more and pretending not to know?

To move on to the agenda and make sure that the time that remains is as unclouded as possible?

I am an optimist and carry the vision of a thriving planet and awakened humanity in my heart. But I can well remember a similar shock as that of my friend. It was during my trip to India. (The picture above was taken there.)

In the face of poverty, chaos and garbage, I had serious doubts whether we humans could still end up well.

What makes sense to you, dear reader?

Have you already found your answer to this question?

And ways to realize your answer?

No one is too small
The term “butterfly effect”, which originates from chaos theory, describes the unpredictability of the effect of the smallest events, e.g. when the weather is created.

Nobody is too small to make a difference – is what motivation trainers teach us and last year Greta Thunberg impressively demonstrated this principle.

There are also metaphors: Imagine it is snowing. It is snowing and white snow covers everything. It sits on the roofs, on the streets, on the trees, it snows and snows and suddenly a branch breaks.

Which of the billions of tiny and almost weightless snowflakes was it?

You see, the argument “I am too small, my actions are meaningless” does not work. Not anymore.

Yes, it can make a difference, demonstrating, visioning, implementing sustainable energy projects, changing our view of things, our habits and concepts.

It may make a tiny difference, but a tiny difference can have a huge effect.

What would you like to achieve?

What would you most like to contribute to?

What makes sense to you?

No answer is as meaningful as your own answer to this one question.

Dedicate yourself to it!

Let the answer rise from your heart.

Think global, act local! – Stay pragmatic and focus on your sphere of influence. What makes sense is usually also fun and touches the heart.

Orientate yourself to it!

Consciousness makes sense

For me, consciousness makes sense.

Awareness is developed when the previous approach reaches its limits, when we have to learn to solve problems.

At such a limit questions have to be asked and new answers have to be found.

Questions that lead inwards bring forth answers that have the potential to overcome the logic of the problem.

According to the motto: “Go inside. Lead out.”

So what makes sense to you?

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