It's Time to Rethink Leadership

Committed Leadership Shows The Way

If we could act freely and without regard to personal or other predetermined constraints, we would be able to make good decisions at all times. This benefits us, our employees, the companies as well as the economic and social systems in which these companies are embedded.
Wouldn’t that be great?

This miracle is possible. Long-term studies as well as spiritual insight and living human examples confirm that such a state can indeed be achieved.

Enabling more people and organizations to access this new awareness is the task of Committed Leadership.

Committed Leadership – Your new leadership guide

The world is changing profoundly.
You can defend yourself against change, or you can shape it with foresight, awareness and meaning.
However, conscious design requires a highly developed consciousness and inner value system.

Especially in today’s world, in which the circumstances in which decisions have to be made are changing more and more rapidly, challenges are becoming ever greater and more comprehensive, most people are in a crisis. Uneasiness, excessive demands, insecurity, fear and inner doubt are symptoms of this crisis.
The challenges of the new age can no longer be mastered with the old concepts and understanding of the world: extensive rethinking is necessary.

What does this mean for you personally?
What does this mean in concrete terms for their leadership role and for your company?

We enable you as a leader to reorient your self-image as well as the structures, products and effects of your organisation step by step. In short: to update your inner “operating system”.

What could a management culture of the next generation look like?
How the appropriate organizations?
What role do you play as a leader in this?
What is your world view and how do you see yourself?
How do you master your leadership tasks in the middle of a changing world?

Our Vision

The business world as a place where people are free to live to their full potential.

Our Mission

We enable leaders and organisations to contribute to the freedom, development and prosperity of human civilisation, both in their self-image and in the structures, products and effects of their undertakings.


“The present convergence of crises –
in money, energy, education, health, water, soil, climate, politics,
the environment, and more –
is a birth crisis, expelling us from the old world into a new.”
Charles Eisenstein


We have decided to align our own culture with Committed Leadership. In the middle of the transformation process, we already see the great potential that arises from the new perspective.

Andreas WanieManaging Director c.con Management Consulting GmbH

Our Offering

We support you and your organisation on the way into the new age

Developing organizations

Great achievements come about where they are consciously allowed to happen.

Business Coaching

Support of managers in their professional environment.

Personal Coaching

Recognize Yourself


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The ultimate retreat for Committed Leaders

Committed Leadership – What’s That?

The new awareness of leadership and culture


The business world as a place where people are free to develop their full potential

The Concept

Awareness of lack and abundance

The scientific basis

Human consciousness develops continuously

The personal basis

Leadership begins with self-management

The people behind Committed Leadership

Committed Leadership Is Our Common Mission

Two completely different professions come together:
Management consulting and soul coaching
The representatives of both professions have a common goal: to use their life and professional experience to guide managers and organizations towards a new self-image.
For the leaders and the people who lead them, for our society, for our world.
This common mission has become Committed Leadership.

Alhiama Éber

Alhiama Ágnes Éber is a soul coach.
As a young geneticist, she explored the wondrous world of inner programming and applied potential on the biological level. But in her 20's she realized that the true miracle lies on the level of consciousness: in the thinking, feeling and behavior of people.

For over 20 years now she has been working as a coach and seminar leader, and she loves what she does: to facilitate the liberation of consciousness from constricting thought and behavior patterns and from traumatic imprints. She knows that life always strives for unfolding, expansion and development, and that everything we strive for is already contained within us! It invites us to open our heads and hearts, to let go of old paradigms and to provide the greatest possible freedom for connection and common development.

Let's talk about it

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Of course you can also contact Alhiama Éber or Stefan Mierzowski directly:

Stefan Mierzowski

Stefan Mierzowski is a management consultant and business coach.
Through decades of working with his clients, he knows that anyone who takes on responsibility with dedication will at some point recognize the limited suitability of existing leadership understandings and would like to get out of this tightness.

Open to new horizons, he set out on his own and in the process went through a deep personal insight process that culminated in the Committed Leadership Initiative.

Stefan Mierzowski sees the time ripe for a comprehensive paradigm shift: "The next evolutionary stage of conscious understanding of our world will go beyond classical thinking. Leaders will play a central role on the path to this new world.

Equipped with a wealth of practical experience, solution-oriented and with the composure of someone with a broad perspective, Stefan is committed to driving forward the change in consciousness in the management floors/corporate world and establishing the management culture of the next generation.