The Concept

Awareness of lack and abundance

According to our understanding, the world can be understood in two ways,the awareness of lack and the consciousness of abundance. From the perspective of lack we see what we are missing: recognition, love, the next career step, money, a time-out, the right people around me, assertiveness and much more. This constant struggle with reality causes us stress, makes us unhappy and often ends in burnout or other diseases. Those who lead out of the deficiency are seldom able to make appropriate decisions, too much is done to compensate for the perceived deficiency.

More and more people today succeed in opening themselves to the other perspective, to the awareness of abundance. Fullness consciousness arises from the personal realization that everything you need is already there and has always been there. The result is perceived happiness, inner peace and deep gratitude. You are no longer in permanent conflict with the real world and as a leader you can make and implement good and strong decisions, free from your inner bias.

This is where we start with our offer for Committed Leadership: We help individuals to develop their awareness and organizations to create the conditions for a corporate culture free of unnecessary constraints.