Unplugged 2020

*** Date postponed due to Corona restrictions. New date will be announced shortly. Please register for our newsletter and we will inform you as soon as the new date is fixed. **

Der ultimative Rückzug für engagierte Führungspersönlichkeiten

Wenn es nur einmal so ganz still wäre. Wenn das Zufällige und Ungefähre verstummte und das nachbarliche Lachen wenn das Geräusch, das meine Sinne machen mich nicht so sehr verhinderten am Wachen…

Rainer Maria Rilke

If a retreatin nature, far away from all the noise and bustle of everyday life, combined with a top-class symposiumfull of inspiring information and methods, the result would be: “Unplugged”.

Unplugged are 4 undisturbed days in the Black Forest, where people in positions of responsibility come together and take space and time for individual reflection, inspiration, consciousness development and exchange.

Unplugged is dedicated to supporting and raising awareness of the people who shape our common future.


We all know: it is time for action. Every little action counts and nobody is too small to make a difference. Time is pressing and our children rightly confront us with their concerns about the future.

Managers and those in positions of responsibility naturally have a major influence on this future, because their decisions, shaped by their inner attitude, have a major impact on the lives of their employees and their families, the climate in their companies, their products and processes and the resulting social and ecological effects.

Being a leader is a mission these days.

This mission wants to be recognized and seized, by each of us.
To be aware of one’s own power, responsibility and possibilities to shape things, and to harmonize these with one’s innermost values, to lose fear and compulsions and to lead into a positive future with a clear mind is the commitment that Unplugged wants to initiate and promote.

It is not absolutely necessary to have a tangible “ready-made” objective. It is enough

  • toknow and trust that change is necessary and inevitable,
  • develop a clear feeling and attitude about what the desired target state might be
  • and to identify and implement the resulting next steps.

A “Committed Leader” acts out of an inner, deeply rooted framework of values, which originates from the “integral consciousness”.

To explore, understand and develop this requires space.

Unplugged is a precious refuge, a place that offers structured silence, reflection and inspiration and catalyzes the development of consciousness, assumption of responsibility and connection.

How does consciousness development happen?

Developing awareness means absorbing and processing knowledge and information from outside. So to learn.
But consciousness development also means gaining access to one’s own inner knowledge, which is subconsciouslypresent, but has not been accessible in everyday consciousness until now. In short: listen to your own wisdom.
Learning happens all by itself when we are in exchange with each other or are inspired by so-called “role models”.


At Unplugged we offer different impulses to catalyze a holistic, heart-centered learning and “remembering”.

High quality learning

Develop EQ and SQ

Nature Work

Exchange with Role Models

Expected results

How can you recognize a Committed Leader?
What is a human being like who is aware of himself, of his responsibility, but also of his freedom and creative possibilities?

He/she enjoys an increase in:

  • Power and energy
  • Clarity
  • Inspiration
  • Connectivity & Allies
  • Trust
  • Effectiveness
  • Sense
  • The feeling of being on the right track
  • Satisfaction
  • Broadcast
  • Vitality

Which you probably lose if you’re there:

  • Fear
  • The feeling of being tied down by practical constraints
  • Disorientation
  • Hopelessness
  • Self anesthetization and destruction and the associated feelings of shame, guilt and senselessness.

Where? When? How much?

Unplugged 2020 will take place from 23 to 26 July in the Southern Black Forest, in the Hollerbühl seminar house.

The number of participants is limited to 22 persons.
The participation costs 890 € including accommodation and vegetarian full board, working documents and a free introductory talk.

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