Personal Coaching

Coaching: Recognize Yourself

By nature, an evolutionary impulse works in each of us: We want to develop ourselves.
Our desire to understand, experience and recognize is expanding more and more.
Our consciousness is expanding.
To free this natural evolutionary impulse from perceived constraints and limiting thought patterns and to connect it to an individual, deeply felt sense is the goal of our coaching.
Coaching enables you to have an inspiring companion at your side on your consciousness-development path, who gives you courage, holds up a mirror, accepts no lazy excuses, and is present with compassion and ready to enter the space of the unknown with you in reverence.
Coaching can greatly facilitate your self-knowledge and your personal development path.
It serves your relief, becoming whole and individual potential development.
The expected results of a coaching session:

  • Liberation of your potential
  • Finding meaning
  • Opening the mind to grow beyond unconscious boundaries
  • Öffnung des Herzens: Erweiterung der Fähigkeit zu fühlen, und sich mit anderen verbunden zu sein
  • Relationship skills
  • Development of natural authority
  • internal clarity
  • Serenity
  • Presence
  • Integrity
  • clean conscience
  • Resilience